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June Schedule of Services & Events

Jun 4, Sun               10:30 am - Holy Eucharist - The Rev Bill Wells, Celebrant

Jun 11, Sun             10:30 am – Morning Prayer – Deacon David Curtis

June 17, Sat           10 am Vestry meeting

Jun 18, Sun             10:30 am – Holy Eucharist – The Rev Bill Wells, Celebrant

Jun 21, Wed            9:30 am - Blue Ridge Food Ministry, Columbia Baptist Church

Jun 25, Sun             10:30 am Morning Prayer -  Deacon Christine Garcia

                                      > Potluck luncheon to follow service at the Parish House

 Church News & Events

We give thanks for the life and ministry of Charlotte “Peggy” Bass Williams, April 7, 1946 – May 16, 2023

Vacation season:  Both clergy and parishioners will be enjoying some time away this summer.  Please try to find a substitute for any tasks for which you are assigned, but in the rush of planning and packing we may forget this detail.  As always, we will be flexible and fill in where needed!

In case we forget to tell you – THANK YOU Bill Wells for being our regular supply priest, spiritual guide, pastoral support and friend!  AND thank you for finding someone to conduct the worship service when you are away.  We appreciate you! 

Coming very soon…the new doors to between the narthex and the nave (where did these words come from??) are already in the church and will be installed soon.  They are beautiful!  Since the tower entry way is not insulated and tends to be damp, the doors at St. John’s serve the important purpose of helping with temperature control!  Below is the interesting origin of the term narthex.  St. John’s is making the entryway more welcoming than the early Christian church – read definition below!

Where did the term Narthex come from?

The term narthex, Greek for “scourge,” refers to a porch or gathering space connecting the outside to the main worship space (or nave).  Early Christians used this term to refer to the outer portico where penitents (those who had committed serious sins) and catechumens (converts preparing for baptism) gathered for worship.

Next month learn about nave and vestibule!



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